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American Sailing Sponsors YCA’s Inspirational Cruiser of the Year

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For the 2nd Annual International Cruiser’s Awards, American Sailing is once again sponsoring The Most Inspirational Cruiser of the Year Award. The International Cruisers Awards were created by the Young Cruisers Association as a way to highlight and reward cruisers for their hard work in content creation as well as shine a light on outstanding individuals in the cruising culture.

This year’s candidates are truly quite the inspiration, and we hope you’ll enter and tell your story as well

How to Enter your story for the 2023 Inspirational Cruiser of the Year Award:

Share your amazing cruising story and adventures. You can submit photos, videos, and a bio that tells your unique journey.

Here’s how it works:

  • Open to All: Anyone can enter, so if you have an inspiring cruising story, share it.
  • Public Voting: Get your friends and supporters to vote for your entry.
  • Voting is open until October 1st.
  • Finalists: The top two entries with the most public votes and one wildcard picked by our experts become the finalists.
  • Judges Decide: Our international panel of judges will select the winners.
  • Awards Ceremony: The winners will be announced during the Annapolis Boat Show. You don’t have to be there in person to win.

Tips for success:

  • Spread the word and get people to vote for you by sharing the link to your entry.
  • Make your entry compelling by sharing your journey. Ensure you take time to highlight yourself with your entry, not links.
  • It’s not just about your follower count; it’s about the impact and inspiration you bring.

Who are the Young Cruisers Association?

The Young Cruisers Association (YCA) is a vibrant community that celebrates the sea and the adventurous spirit within all of us.  The YCA may sound like it’s exclusively for the younger crowd, but that’s not the case. It’s a place where seasoned sailors and those with dreams of the open sea come together. Whether you’re a landlubber with a yearning for ocean adventures or a fan of YouTube sailing and YachtWorld browsing, you’re welcomed with open arms. The YCA is about connecting kindred spirits who’ve chosen an unconventional path.

At the heart of YCA lies the celebration of unconventional choices. It’s about cherishing sunrises, relishing freshly caught meals, and embracing a DIY attitude to fix things. Picture bonfires on the beach, cruising by dinghy and nurturing global citizens as children. It’s not about being a seasoned sailor; it’s about living life on your terms, no matter where your adventures take you.

The YCA is all about igniting your passion for the sea. It’s a place to connect with fellow sailors, exchange stories of your highs and lows, and build lasting friendships. Whether you’re a seasoned mariner or just starting out, there’s room for everyone.

Why Join YCA?

If you’re wondering why you should join, consider this: YCA is all about camaraderie and shared experiences. It’s like being part of a positive, supportive wolfpack. Imagine pulling into a harbor and enjoying sundowners with friends who share your passion for the sea. Think about buddy boating with kindred spirits and having a global network of fellow YCAers. It’s about finding each other and making the most of your shared love for the sea. The Young Cruisers Association is where adventure and community converge. It’s where individuals of all ages come together to celebrate life, the sea, and the unique paths they’ve chosen.