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China Ocean Sport Union was established in 2014, located in the beautiful coastal city of Sanya. Sanya is located at the southernmost tip of Hainan Island, China, between 18°09′-18°37′ north latitude and 108°56′-109°48′ east longitude. It is a tropical marine city with a humid climate and pleasant scenery. It has a beautiful view of the sea and the blue sea. Sanya is located at a low latitude and belongs to the tropical maritime monsoon climate zone. The annual average temperature is 25.7°. The highest temperature in June is 28.7°. The lowest temperature in January is 21.4°, so it is suitable for sailing all year round. Teaching vessel: We use the US imported large sailing ship Hunter 45 DS as a teaching boat. The Hunter 45DS has the brightest and most open deck salon. The extra-large deck captures a lot of natural light, and the curved windshield has a stylish taste. The hull is sturdy and can run smoothly even in harsh sea conditions. The huge T-cockpit is fully furnished and can act as a lounge. The hull and deck have plenty of light and fresh air. The Hunter 45DS combines the most popular design features to bring your sailing pleasure to a whole new level. Faculty: Sail School now has 4 ASA professional sailing certification instructors, with a wealth of teaching experience, so that each student can easily master the sailing skills. At the same time, our coaches also have the ability and qualifications for long-haul, transoceanic, night flights, and participation in large-scale sailing competitions. Teaching philosophy: We always adhere to the safe and happy learning sailing skills. Safety is always in the first place throughout the learning process. When the coach takes you on a boat to the sea and the sea, feel the calmness of the sea, facing the blue sea, the beautiful mood has come quietly. Sailing activities; we regularly organize participants to participate in sea exercises, participate in sailing competitions, custom sailing and so on. Finally, China Ocean Sport Union sincerely welcomes every student and welcomes you!

CHINA OCEAN SPORT UNION 成立于2014年,坐落在美丽的海滨城市三亚,三亚位于中国海南岛的最南端,介于北纬18°09′-18°37′ 东经 108°56′-109°48′之间;属于热带海洋城市,这里气候湿润、风景宜人,拥有海天一色、蔚蓝大海的美景。三亚地处低纬度,属热带海洋性季风季候区,年平均气温25.7° 气温最高6月份平均28.7°气温最低1月份,平均21.4°,所以适合全年出航行。教学船只:我们使用美国进口大帆船HUNTER45 DS作为教学用船。Hunter 45DS 拥有最明亮最开放的甲板沙龙。超大型甲板能够采集大量的自然光,弧形挡风玻璃独具时尚品味。船体结构坚固,就算在恶劣的海上环境下也能平稳行驶。巨大的T 形驾驶舱配套齐全,可以充当休息室。船体和甲板都有充足的光线和新鲜空气。Hunter 45DS 结合最流行的设计功能,能够让您的航行乐趣上升到一个全新的水平。师资力量:帆校现在拥有4名ASA专业帆船认证教练,具备丰富的授课经验,让每一个学员都可以轻松的掌握帆船技能。同时我们的教练也具备长航、跨洋、夜航、参加大型帆船比赛的能力和资质等。授课理念:我们始终秉承安全、快乐的学习帆船技能。在整个学习过程中安全我们始终放在第一位。当教练带你驾船来到海上与大海融为一体,感受大海的恬静,面对蔚蓝的大海,美好的心情已悄悄到来。帆船活动组织;我们会定期组织学员参加出海练习、参加帆船比赛、航行定制等。最后CHINA OCEAN SPORT UNION 真诚迎接每一位学员,欢迎您的到来!

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101, 103, 104, 105, 110, 114, 118

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