Qingdao Kaijie Sailing Sport Club
Qingdao, China
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Qingdao Kaijie Sailing Club is located in Qingdao, Shandong province. Qingdao is the birthplace of sailing in China and is known as the “sailing capital” of China. Due to the unique water resources, sailing has a good foundation in Qingdao, sailing has a history of 100 years.

Qingdao Kaijie Sailing Club is approved by Qingdao sports bureau, sports federation and registered by Qingdao civil affairs bureau.

Qingdao Kaijie Sailing Club was established in December 2017, organized by retired Shandong sailing athletes, including xiao-hu Chen, founder of the club at the age of 12 exercises sailing into the Shandong team, 16, 20, 30 years into the national team engaged in sailing, has represented the Chinese Qingdao attended the 2013-2014 in Cleveland, “universal sailing competition, America’s cup, cup, China life club coach xiao-bo cao once obtained the national games Asian games champions as the battle achievement is remarkable.

According to club teacher force strong, professional technology is high, the club will be focusing on sailing training to promote development, on the basis of the current sports fitness environment, make people from land to ocean, Marine knowledge, improve sailing skills, let sailing into the thousands, promoting youth sailing it is our duty!

Dragon training ship form is given priority to with 28 r keel sailboat falora Iraq and small OP sailing, choose us ASA study learning samples, will let the students have different experience, sailing must be conducted in the vast sea, the pioneering spirit of the representative, can let a person feel different humanities and thought, but also a fantastic journey in the fight against natural sailing and pioneering spirit sea environment, novel and unique leadership more tests of the will of the professional coach, other sports more deeply understand the spirit of sports.

青岛凯杰帆船运动俱乐部在山东省青岛市,青岛是中国帆船运动的发源地,被誉为中国“帆船之都”,同时它也是2008年北京奥运会帆船比赛举办城市。由于得天独厚的水域资源,帆船运动在青岛有着良好的基础,帆船运动已经有百年历史。青岛凯杰帆船运动俱乐部是经青岛市体育局,体育总会核准,经青岛市民政局登记的合法民办非企业单位(体育类)帆船运动俱乐部。青岛凯杰帆船员运动俱乐部成立于2017年12月,由退役山东帆船运动员组建,其中俱乐部创始人陈晓虎12岁练习帆船16岁进入山东队,20岁进入国家队从事帆船运动30年,曾代表中国青岛参加了2013-2014克利伯环球帆船赛,美洲杯帆船赛,中国杯帆船赛,俱乐部主教练曹晓波曾经获得全运会 亚运会冠军一生战功显赫。根据俱乐部师资力量雄厚,专业技术高等特点,俱乐部今后会以帆船培训 推广 拓展为重点,依据当前全民体育健身的大环境,让人们从陆地走向海洋,学习航海知识,提高帆船技能,让帆船运动走进千家万户,推动青少年帆船运动是我们的职责! 龙培训船型以龙骨帆船珐伊28R为主及小型OP帆船,选择我们学样进行ASA学习,会让学员有不一样的体验,帆船运动必须在广阔的大海进行,其代表的开拓精神,可以让人体会不一样的人文与思想,更是一次与自然抗争的奇幻旅程 帆船运动 新颖独特领导力和开拓精神海上环境,更考验人的意志专业教练,更深入领会运动精神其他运动 。

American Sailing Certifications Offered

101, 103, 104, 105, 110, 114, 118

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Qingdao Kaijie Sailing Sport Club

Address 77 Hong Kong zhong luShinan DistrictQingdaoChina
Phone (+86) 1380-896 3955
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