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In conjunction with American Sailing (ASA), The Ritz Sailing Academy will be offering the ASA 110 Small Boat Sailing Course exclusively to guests of The Ritz-Carlton. The course takes 10 hours to complete and can be administered over 3 or 4 classes during a guest’s stay.

The ASA 110 Course is suitable for anyone over the age of ten years old, who wants to learn to sail in conditions of up to 15 knots, aboard our brand-new Hobie Cats. All interested and eligible guests are welcome; no prior sailing experience is needed!

The course is appropriate for beginners and allows them to confidently sail on the water, maneuvering in moderate weather conditions, while teaching them to launch and recover the boat, tack, and gybe on all points of sail. Students will be taught skipper and crew responsibilities, as well as essential ‘rules of the sea’, to prevent collisions and ensure the well-being of those onboard. They will also learn how to avoid capsizing the boat by spilling the wind out of the sail in a gust and be taught about essential safety procedures and emergency responses.

Our Sailing Director, Coach Ross, has curated this one-of-a-kind signature experience that encourages individuals, couples, and families to learn how to sail during their stay. Coach Ross has been instructing sailing for fifteen years across the world and believes there is no better destination to start learning a new skill and to achieve your goal of becoming a captain than in Turks and Caicos.

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