Whisper of the Wind Sports Club
Nanjing, Jiangsu, China
(+86) 1806-164 2577

Whisper of the Wind Sailing Club was selected as the “Best Youth Sailing Education Base” in 2016. Besides, it is ranked as the only youth sailing training institution in the Nanjing Sports Industry Development Guide Fund jointly established by the Nanjing Finance Bureau and the Sports Bureau. In the past ten years, we have trained a group of water sports enthusiasts and excellent water sports talents! In 2015, the American Sailing Association’s ASA sailing training course was introduced by our club, which improved the scientific and systematic training of our sailing training, paving the way for nautical enthusiasts to sail abroad and providing opportunities for Chinese youth to show off in the international competition.

风之曲帆船俱乐部 入选2016年“最佳青少年帆船教育基地”,同时在南京财政局和体育局联合设立的南京市体育产业发展引导资金中,风之 曲作为唯一一家青少年帆船培训机构位列其中,十年耕耘培养了 批水上运动爱好者及优秀水上运动人才!2015年从美国引进了美国帆船协会的ASA帆船培训教程,提升了帆船培训的科学和体系化,是目前江苏地区唯一认证的课程学校,为航海爱好 者走出国扬帆远航铺平了道路,让青少年在国际赛事中首次留下了中国的身影。

American Sailing Certifications Offered

101, 103, 104, 105, 110, 118

Contact Information

Whisper of the Wind Sports Club

Address Rm 502, Building 10, #6 Xinhai Rd. Qinhuai Dist.Nanjing, JiangsuChina
Phone (+86) 1806-164 2577

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