Zhai Mo International Yacht Club
Beijing, China
(+86) 1381-178 9636

The Zhai Mo International Yacht Club was founded by Mr. Momo, the first person in China’s global maritime navigation, the National Ocean Public Welfare Ambassador, and the Chinese maritime science ambassador. It is the director of the National Navigation Science Education Base and the China Pacific Society Navigation Culture Branch. unit. The center is located in the sailing port of Banshan Peninsula in Sanya. It has training centers such as Beijing, Haikou, Qionghai, Qingdao and Dongdaihe. The center gathers elites from famous experts in the maritime industry at home and abroad to “enhance marine awareness, promote navigation and build The goal of the marine power is to develop the marine culture and marine sports in China. The center has the qualification of A1F top sailing yacht driving license issued by China Maritime Safety Administration. The business includes domestic and international sailing yacht driving license training, youth marine culture and sailing training, international sailing event planning and operation, corporate community building expansion, international maritime cultural exchange, etc. It has transported more than 900 professional captains and crews to relevant enterprises (institutions) at home and abroad. The passing rate of A1F driving licenses is among the best in the country. In addition, the center has carried out more than 30 sessions of adolescent marine science education summer (winter) camp, training nearly 1,000 young people; planning to successfully complete the famous “2015-2016 re-take the Maritime Silk Road” large-scale international maritime cultural exchange activities, and launch And the establishment of the “More Road Cup International Sailing Regatta”, “China-Cambodia International Regatta” and other professional international sailing events, has been widely praised and praised by the international community.

The Zhai Mo International Yacht Club (Beijing) Training Center is located at: Fangshan Qinglong Lake Water Amusement Park, 37 kilometers from Tiananmen Square. The lake is clear and beautiful, with a surface area of ​​6,000 mu. It is the closest, largest and most optimal water resource to the main city of Beijing.


American Sailing Certifications Offered

101, 103, 104, 105, 110

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Zhai Mo International Yacht Club

Address Weigezhuang RoadFangshan DistrictBeijing
Phone (+86) 1381-178 9636

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