May 3rd - 7th, 2023
Annapolis, MD
2,490 / person

North U Regatta Experience®

Join us for two days of on-the-water clinics, plus three days of racing in the Sailing World Regatta
Race Ready J80s
2 Day On-The-Water Clinic
3 Day Regatta
Coach Onboard for all 5 days
Classroom Sessions
Video Debriefs
Bring Your Own Boat Options
Full Crew Discounts
The North U Regatta Experience combines training and racing on the high-performance J/80 with coaching every step of the way. The course will cover every facet of regatta success: Strategic planning, tactical positioning, starting, boat speed, trim, helming, boat handling - everything!
The program was exceptional! The onboard coaches are the best out there and the racing drills help improve your sailing & racing skills. Plus every day is followed up with an extensive review. Whether you want a refresher course, or you want to participate in world-class regattas, this is the program for you.
RG & SG ~ Miami
This has been an amazing and invaluable experience for me. I learned more than I ever knew there was to learn. The combination of on-the-water sessions and classroom instruction was great. I would highly recommend it to all sailors and teams.
L.Q. ~ NY




North U has been turning sailors into racers and racers into winners since 1980. Whatever your level, we can raise your game. Sailboat racing is a complex endeavor: Trim, tactics, boat speed, helming, rules, sets, jibes, douses, wind shifts, current, waves, chop, weight placement, downwind angles, rig tuning, wind shadows, starting, heavy air, light air, etc. We will help you build on your strengths and improve in areas of weakness to become a better, more versatile racer.

The Clinic

Through a combination of open water sailing, solo and group drills, practice starts, short course and full course races, dock demos, seminars and video review we make the most of the two days prior to the regatta to get your team up to full speed. Then we go racing.


The Coaches

North U Coaches combine championship racing skills with years of coaching experience. With just four sailors plus a coach aboard each boat you’ll get close personal attention. Just to be clear: The coaches will NOT be sailing the boats. You and your team do all the sailing.


The J/80

The J/80 is a comfortable, responsive, stable racing boat that features a large open cockpit with plenty of room for each crew member to do their job. The high-performance design and full set of sail controls make the J/80 an ideal platform to learn and hone your racing skills. The deep keel, full-size double spreader rig, and large asymmetric spinnaker provide an exhilarating experience while still remaining stable and controllable. These are fun boats and they make for an excellent platform to help you master the art of racing.

The Regatta

The Helly Hansen Sailing World Regatta in Annapolis will have a one-design fleet of J/80s with as many as 20 boats competing. Your coach will be on board providing training in real-time. We'll also have our video team on the water compiling footage for each day’s debrief.


The Details


May 3rd & 4th: Pre-Regatta Clinic
  • Morning Class Session
  • Afternoon On-the-Water training
  • Video Debrief
May 5th - 7th: Sailing World Regatta
  • Morning Pre-Brief
  • Regatta Sailing
  • Post-Race Video Debrief

What's Included

  • Fully equipped J/80
  • A Two Day Clinic Prior to the Regatta
  • The Three Day Regatta
  • A North U Coach On Board for both the Clinic & Regatta
  • Regatta Entry Fee
  • Daily Debriefs

What's Not Included

  • Travel & Accommodations
  • Meals
  • Personal Sailing Gear
    (bring your PFD and Racing Watch)