Tue May 7th, 2024
4:30 PM PT / 7:30 PM ET

Passage Planning Fundamentals

In this online class, Jamie and Behan Gifford, seasoned circumnavigators from Sailing Totem, will unveil the secrets of successful passage planning while prioritizing safety and setting clear expectations.
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Demystify the art of passage planning. This online class will equip you with the essential knowledge and best practices to ensure safe and efficient voyages. From understanding the nature of passage planning to preparing your vessel and crew and prepping for your journey. Delve into the core principles that underpin a safe and successful passage. Whether you're a novice sailor or a seasoned mariner, this class offers invaluable guidance for achieving your passagemaking goals with confidence.

We think it's important to share why we’re so passionate about teaching you what we've learned about sailing. See, we teach it because we live it. It wasn’t too long ago that we were trying to figure out how to chart our journey and set sail. We did all the research, watched the YouTube videos, and read thousands of articles and blog posts. Everyone was saying something different! It was overwhelming and made the decision to start our adventure even harder. Quite frankly, we were nearly terrified... But we didn't give up on our dream life. Through trial and error we found what works, and more importantly, what doesn’t work. Over the last few years, we’ve been able to help change thousands of people’s lives by sharing our experiences.

Chris and Keith of Bluewater Cruising

Passage Planning Fundamentals


Who is this class for?

Whether you're setting sail on your inaugural passage or seeking to refine your approach to passagemaking, this online class is your gateway to uncovering advanced techniques and insider tips. Learn how to optimize your passage planning and preparation process, regardless of your experience level. 

What Will I Learn?

In this online class, we'll delve into comprehensive insights and practical skills crucial for successful passage planning. Together, we'll dispel common misconceptions and explore the foundational steps for preparing for your passage. Discover best practices for inspecting your vessel's systems, ensuring safety equipment readiness, and effectively preparing crew members. Additionally, we'll navigate the intricacies of passages, developing a systematic planning approach while proactively addressing common challenges. Whether you're a novice sailor eager to learn or a seasoned mariner looking to enhance your skills, this class will equip you with the knowledge and tools needed to navigate the seas confidently and safely.


  • What passages are like
  • Approach to passage planning
  • Anticipating needs for international clearance
  • Weather routing and seasonality for voyages
  • Preparing the boat
  • Preparing the crew
  • A well-fed crew is a happy crew!
  • Managing fatigue
  • Managing seasickness
  • Why efficient sailing matters


Sailing Totem
With three young children, Behan and Jamie sailed Totem, their Stevens 47, south from Puget Sound in 2008. Trading a hectic suburban life for family adventure cruising to Mexico and the South Pacific was meant to be 3 to 5 years. Sixteen years, one circumnavigation, 48 countries, and 65,000 drama-free miles later, they are still cruising full time. Along their way around the world, Behan grew an informative blog at sailingtotem.com into a leading resource for cruising inspiration and know-how. She also co-authored the acclaimed guide, Voyaging With Kids. Jamie’s mechanical strengths complement Behan’s lifestyle communication: he is a sailmaker/designer, rigger, and well versed in most onboard technical skills. 
Together, Jamie and Behan present on multiple topics at Cruisers University and other boat shows, are frequent contributors to Cruising World magazine, and manage a coaching service supporting thousands of cruisers. Their expert guidance is broad ranging, from boat selection and cruising economics to routing, provisioning, and technical troubleshooting post-departure. 

Tuesday, May 7th, 2024
@ 4:30 PM PT / 7:30 PM ET (90 min)

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