Thu April 25th, 2024
4:30 PM PT / 7:30 PM ET

Proactive Safety Tips For Sailors

In this online class, we will delve into the crucial role everyday decisions play in maritime safety, including factors often overlooked in traditional safety courses.
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Long before dealing with a toppled mast or recovering a person overboard became real emergencies, everyday decisions increased or decreased their likelihood of happening. Through real examples of how easily unsafety at sea creeps onboard, Jamie and Behan will show ways to identify factors on your own boat, and recommend how to address these factors when they arise. Big problems start small, when potential risk isn’t recognized.

We think it's important to share why we’re so passionate about teaching you what we've learned about sailing. See, we teach it because we live it. It wasn’t too long ago that we were trying to figure out how to chart our journey and set sail. We did all the research, watched the YouTube videos, and read thousands of articles and blog posts. Everyone was saying something different! It was overwhelming and made the decision to start our adventure even harder. Quite frankly, we were nearly terrified... But we didn't give up on our dream life. Through trial and error we found what works, and more importantly, what doesn’t work. Over the last few years, we’ve been able to help change thousands of people’s lives by sharing our experiences.

Chris and Keith of Bluewater Cruising

Proactive Safety Tips For Sailors


Who is this class for?

Designed for both seasoned sailors and newcomers alike, this class will offer valuable insights into the intricacies of maritime safety. Seasoned sailors will benefit from a fresh perspective on familiar challenges, while new sailors will gain essential knowledge and skills to navigate the seas with confidence. With a focus on real-life scenarios and practical solutions, participants of all experience levels will find this class invaluable in enhancing their understanding and preparedness for safe sailing.

What Will I Learn?

The often-overlooked human factors, critical for successful outcomes in emergencies, are typically omitted from traditional safety at sea courses, which tend to prioritize technical processes and execution. In this online class, we’ll discuss the variability of human response under stress, assessing risks, containing problems, using communication skills, and five unique procedural solutions. Then, we’ll use these as a lens to look at the prevention of the most common and worrisome safety at sea issues


  • Philosophy for preventing a problem cascading to emergency and then crisis
  • How to prepare for scenarios you cannot realistically experience from training
  • Crew training and preparation: avoiding being unsafe at sea
  • We’re only human! Working with natural tendencies
  • Practical steps to improve safety: takeaway tips


Sailing Totem
With three young children, Behan and Jamie sailed Totem, their Stevens 47, south from Puget Sound in 2008. Trading a hectic suburban life for family adventure cruising to Mexico and the South Pacific was meant to be 3 to 5 years. Sixteen years, one circumnavigation, 48 countries, and 65,000 drama-free miles later, they are still cruising full time. Along their way around the world, Behan grew an informative blog at into a leading resource for cruising inspiration and know-how. She also co-authored the acclaimed guide, Voyaging With Kids. Jamie’s mechanical strengths complement Behan’s lifestyle communication: he is a sailmaker/designer, rigger, and well versed in most onboard technical skills. 
Together, Jamie and Behan present on multiple topics at Cruisers University and other boat shows, are frequent contributors to Cruising World magazine, and manage a coaching service supporting thousands of cruisers. Their expert guidance is broad ranging, from boat selection and cruising economics to routing, provisioning, and technical troubleshooting post-departure. 

Thursday, April 25th, 2024
@ 4:30 PM PT / 7:30 PM ET (90 min)

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