All Is Analyzed : A Sailing Movie Learning Workshop

Join us in this serial style learning exercise where we go scene by scene through the film to see what we can learn from the fictional character’s decision making process as he finds himself struggling to keep his cruising boat afloat in the middle of the ocean after a collision with an errant shipping container. This process is meant to be a fun learning vehicle and not an ongoing critique of the movie. We hope the interaction stays focused on sailing and what we can take away from this rare sailing-centric film.

So let’s watch some clips and have some fun!

Latest Chapter
Chapter 6, An Unexpected Gale

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  • Chapter 1

    Collision At Sea

    Sailing Movie Learning Workshop - Chapter 1, Collision At Sea
  • Chapter 2

    Breaking Free

    Sailing Movie Learning Workshop - Chapter 2, Breaking Free
  • Chapter 3

    Repairs At Sea

    Sailing Movie Workshop - Chapter 3, Major Repairs At Sea
  • Chapter 4

    Getting Busy

    Sailing Movie Workshop - Chapter 4, Getting Busy
  • Chapter 5

    Voice Of Hope

    Sailing Movie Workshop - Chapter 5, Voice of Hope
  • Chapter 6

    An Unexpected Gale

    Sailing Movie Workshop - Chapter 6, An Unexpected Gale