All Is Analyzed: A Sailing Movie Learning Workshop

Chapter 5, Voice Of Hope

After an unfortunate collision with a floating container in the open ocean on his Cal 39, the single-handed protagonist has repaired the boat and bailed out a cabin full of water. Now he tries to get some of his gear up and running. Watch the clip and join the discussion about where he’s going right and where he’s gone wrong. We believe it’s a valuable and fun learning vehicle – watch and weigh in!

Watch the video clip & leave your comments below…

Please note the video intentionally has no sound – we are simply using it to depict a situation for discussion

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That wasn’t the way our book taught us to signal MAYDAY MAYDAY MAYDAY… this is NAME NAME NAME…! etc. seems like he said a lot of useless filler words there before everything pooped out. And then, the alcohol. Oh dear.


I can’t get past the flimsy patch – the light is shining through it! As others have said, he should have filled the hole with a board before applying the fiberglass, and then maybe braced it on the inside as well. Not a good idea to start hitting the booze!

Greg Kirk
Greg Kirk

“mayday mayday mayday. this is sailing vessel/yacht Viginia Jean, Virginia Jean, Virginia Jean” Particularly with non English speakers using improper radio procedure lessens the likelihood your message will be understood. Why do the radio thing on the cabin top? heck just connect it to the battery down bellow, and to the antenna. The lack of a proper antenna almost ensures that any transmission will be weak at best. Assuming a keep stepped mast, pull the cable running form the base of the mast to the nav station and you have several feet, you can connect it to the radio and… Read more »

Pat Reynolds

Well, I think if I had a gaping hole in the side of my boat with a tenuous repair, I might consider putting up the sails and making some headway to try and get out of the situation.I would also have all that stuff in the cockpit so it doesn’t slide off. He was right to drink the big glass of booze though…