ASA Sailing Schools in Taiwan

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Directory of American Sailing Association sailing schools located in Taiwan where you can take beginning to advanced sailing lessons.

Fun Wind Sailing School Hengchun Township, Taiwan

(+886) 8-888-96

The Fun Wind Sailing School was established in 2014 in Kenting, Taiwan. We help you learn from basic to advanced level in a safe learning environment. You will enjoy the fun of learning sailing during your vacation, and meanwhile get yourself certified.

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Lohas Ocean Sailing School-Kaohsiung City Kaohsiung City, Taiwan

(+88) 69 3596-1201

School address in the Taiwan Kaohsiung Xingda Harbor with a very large area of ​​the port (estimated 1500-2000 yacht can accommodate). All year warm like spring and can sailing all year. This location near two major metropolitan area in Tainan City and Kaohsiung City, just 10 minutes away from the motorway interchange, only 15 minutes away from the high-speed rail station. Currently, we already have new 33-feet cruisers, 28-feet cruisers and two 27-feet racers, a coastal second floor of the building and the training of young successful business team. Dockside wide opened is the best locations of the maintenance. Chief …

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Seedmarine Sailing School Zhongzheng Dist., Taiwan

+(88) 622-469-0662

Seedmarine sailing school is located in Badouzi fishing port,Keelung,North of Taiwan. The company is devoted to promoting yacht sailing training and marine activities. The professional instructors lead students to know sailing and cruising leisurely.

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Splash International Sailing School New Taipei City, Taiwan

+(88) 693-208-7322

Splash International Sailing School is a leading Training Centre based at mouth of Tanshui River, Taipei, Taiwan. Whether you have a sailing and boating experience or are yet to sail, we offer something for people of all experience and ages. We are able to offer you a wide range of practical and theory based courses. Our knowledgeable instructors will support you throughout your learning experience.

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Taiwan Sailing School Kaohsiung, Taiwan

(+866) 9-2803-3131

Taiwan ASA, Taiwan ~ An ASA Certified Sailing School

The school is located in Kaohsiung City, a pleasant and prosperous place in Taiwan and is open all year round. There are currently eight heavy-duty sailing boats of different sizes for students to learn. The boat teaching coaching group has decades of experience.

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TMS – Kaohsiung Sailing School Kaohsiung City, Taiwan

(+886) 75510500

TMS Kaohsiung Sailing School - Taiwan ~ An ASA Certified Sailing School

Taiwan Marine Sailing School update our own vessels every year, and also enhances the skills of the instructors, allowing the trainees to learn the most solid training, and because the ship is updated, the students can learn more. Rather than just providing teaching, we can also let all people come together to experience the elegance and excitement of the sailing boat.

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Warhawk Sailing School Anping Dist., Taiwan

+(886) 3575-0880 ext 360

Warhawk Sailing is a premier sailing academy with proven track record of success in incubating new sailors and turning them into new sailboat owners.

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